Health , Safety Environment (HSE )

Biyaq is fully committed to the highest possible standards of HSE throughout the activities.Biyaq strength is providing comprehensive service and products of the highest quality and the best yield standards. This is possible due to its uncompromising approach and adherence to strictest of quality procedures and practices and we emphasize greatly on training thereby ensuring outstanding team performance.

The company continuously provides the necessary safety information and conducts training programs to educate employees and contractors about safe working methods. This is only beneficial when the employee demonstrates the ability to exploit this information in order to achieve a safe working environment and work methods that do not lead to incidents. The risks and consequences are to be explained , and the importance ofc having personal protective tools is most important means of protecting workers from injuries and direct incidents. They should be motivated to use this tools on a permanent basis, giving employees the opportunity to participate in inspections and audits, and to remind them using ways that respect their minds and culture, use of various means, such as safety meeting and tool box talk . It is necessary to ensure the safety of workers and monitor that every worker or employee is wearing all types of PPE in each place.