In Country Value (ICV) Strategy

Biyaq Oilfield Services L.L.C. is a 100% Omani company specialized in supply of various chemicals and services to the Oil and Gas Industry in Oman. We have more than 15 years of experience in the provision of drilling and production chemicals within the Sultanate of Oman and mainly for PDO, Daleel, CCED and others. Biyaq Oilfield Services and its Divisions is fully managed by Omani professionals, who have wide experience in handling various projects in Oman.

“Biyaq committed to fulfil an ICV which in country that benefits not only a business development but also to contribute to human capability development and stimulates the productivity in Oman’s economy”

Biyaq Oilfield Services has a chemical Blending Plant Sumail industrial with an area of 15,000 SQM for producing a wide range of specialty chemicals for oil drilling, oil production, oilfield cementing and stimulation and industrial water sector. Biyaq maximize expenditure on goods and service in Oman and maximizing the employment of Omanis.

We committed to develop locally produced materials and value added products and also to introduce the new technologies and also focusing MENA region exports opportunities.